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Date Added: 15/02/2014

PDM "parts-of-money"

I'm trying to put a quotation argus coins in each currency on the site. The project is ambitious but … read more

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A numismatic argus

A numismatic argus is a summary of numerical references to … read more

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Welcome to Pièces de Monnaie

I discovered numismatics when I was a kid. Since then, I started with passion this adventure and I had the chance to do that as my job. Today, I like to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who, like me, are amazed in front of a coin, even if it is not rare, or expensive, but simply beautiful. I had the opportunity to work with different collectors who learnt me and opened my mind about the various currencies and their values with the history. 

To invest or to build a harmonious and coherent, quality collection from a historic, thematic and aesthetic viewpoint.

piece de monnaie en or
piece de monnaie en argent

My purpose : To offer you a personalized follow-up and a dynamic management of your collection to become a partner who advises to you and directs you in your choices. 

Here, no auction but a service which will allow you to be fast and effective to acquire at once the currencies which you wish.


Pièces de Monnaie

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